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Third Prize (Hilton Garden Hotel Weekend Stay - Ticket
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Karen Redwood hails from the quiet parish of Hanover, Jamaica.  
She is a graduate of Bethel Bible College where she obtained a
Bachelor's Degree in Theology (Hons.).  Reverend Redwood then
attended the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology where she
obtained a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology (Hons.).  
She later completed certificates with distinctions in Supervisory
Management and Speech Writing in Public Speaking from the
University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

Mrs. Redwood comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  
She has served in various capacities and organizations in Jamaica.  
Karen has a love and passion for people and has volunteered many
hours also to the Victim Support Unit in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.  Her
teaching experience spans over seventeen (17) years, eleven of
those years were committed to the training of Pastors for the
ministry.  Reverend Redwood has been intricately involved in
community building and church planting in Jamaica.
2017 Heroes and Awards Gala Master of Ceremonies
Karen and her family migrated to Canada four (4) years ago where she continues in active ministry within the
Church.  She presently works as a Registered Psychotherapist under the Children's Mental Health of Ontario.  
Reverend Redwood is a well sought after and powerfully anointed preacher.  She has developed a reputation as
a gifted and inspirational speaker at numerous formal and social gatherings.  She is also a committed therapist
for individuals, the youth, adults and families.
2017 Heroes and Awards Gala Master of Ceremonies
2017 Heroes and Awards Gala Master of Ceremonies
Activities for Seniors
Did you know?  

J(O)CA is starting a new program with the aim of helping seniors and older
adults be more involved in new activities!  The goal of this club is to encourage
seniors and older adults to really get involved in more extra-curricular type
activities such as Canada 150 celebrations.  The Activities for Seniors project
is funded in part by the Government of Canada.
David (Supersound) Bostic
DJ Tytus